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“I have received chiropractic treatments since 1970 for health care and maintenance. I was referred to the MultiCare Center by a friend. I am very thankful for the referral. My physical health, mobility, and general mood have dramatically changed. I am happier and can enjoy life rather than compensating for the pain and discomfort throughout my day.


I am currently receiving chiropractic care following a car accident. I have been involved in several car accidents since 1990. Changes in my life since I have been coming to the MultiCare Center: I can now sleep through the night. I can sleep on my back. I no longer wake up during the night with severe leg cramps. I wake up without headaches. I am able to sit at the computer without neck pain. I can sit, stand upright and walk without constant lower back pain. I am able to think clearly, focus and complete my paperwork in a short amount of time. I am able to turn my head rather than twisting my entire torso to clear traffic. I no longer have to stop and drop my right leg to release a catch unexpectedly disabling me from walking.


The chiropractic care I have received at the Center has been educational, diagnostically accurate, effective, and has had more lasting impact on my total health than the previous care I have received. I am able to self-correct many of the problems I created attempting to alleviate pain without knowing the long term effects of my actions.”

A grateful patient – Barbara


“I was treated for an auto injury. Dr. Hopson educated about how the
total body works to support the whole body. He showed how to do
exercises to strengthen injured areas after initial trauma and some
healing has happened. He is compassionate, knowledgeable and light
hearted. He explained that the human frame benefits from regular
chiropractic health care and if an injury happens the body is able to
recover in a timely manner.


“It is challenging to get back to health after an auto accident. Dr.
Hopson and his office center offer great care and wonderful teamwork.”
Jean G.


“I had SERIOUS low back pain (left side) that neither a neurologist
nor my primary care physician were able to treat. Dr. Hopson diagnosed
the spasm and stopped it and the pain in ONE VISIT. No drugs… No
cracking or snapping. This facility goes beyond traditional
Chiropractic care. It’s also holistic, has an MSN on staff and an
awesome therapist, Karen. They get the job done… whatever you need.


“It went great. One visit resolved the issue. They don’t milk health
insurance or keep calling you back. I was diagnosed and treated. That
was it. WOW!”
John M.


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Mon-Fri. 9am – 6pm
Closed for lunch M-F  1-2pm
Sat. 10am – Noon
Sun. Closed