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David Y. Wong, MD was born in the Orient and attained his college education in the United States, graduating from Loma Linda University Medical School in 1973. He was board certified in Family Practice in 1979. He has lectured and taught classes on Holistic Medicine to nurses and other health professionals. Dr. Wong's approach to health care and wellness is to work with individuals to improve their quality of life through diet and life style changes, education and self-growth.

1973 Graduate, Loma Linda University Medical School Board Certified in Family Practice 1978-2009
1978-present Co-Founder & Medical Director, Health Integration Center, Torrance & Santa Monica, CA.
The Center provides preventive medical services, acupuncture, structural therapies, nutrition and Longevity Programs
1997-99 Medical Director, Foxhollow Wellness Clinic, Crestwood, KY
1999- 03/06 Staff Physician & Director of Medical Spa Program
1998-present Medical Director, Mokichi Okada Art of Life Science Institute, Los Angeles, CA
The Center provides 3 major enterprises of Nature Farming, Floral & art therapy and Energy healing

Speciality Training
May 1998 - Two week training in European Spa therapy in Karlory Vary, Czech Republic
Visited and stayed in various spas in Poland, Germany, Romania, Italy, Hungary, Turkey and Asia
Director of medical spa programs at Foxhollow Clinic & Spa, Crestwood, Kentucky U.S.A. 2003-March, 2006
Physician in Charge of Weekend Cleansing & Rejuvenation Program, Foxhollow Clinic & Spa, Crestwood, Kentucky - January 21-23, 2005;
June 10-12, 2005
Spa consultant for spa programs and menu at Amataspa
Coral Bay Resort, Koh Samui, Thailand 2004-present

Spa Presentations
"How to Integrate Medical Programs into Hot Springs Location" May 10, 2004 ISPA Asian Pacific Conference & Exhibition 2004, Tokyo, Japan
"Creating a Medical Spa Where East Meets West" May 7, 2005
ISPA Asian Pacific Conference & Exhibition 2005 Singapore
"Integrating Medical Programs into Your Spa" September 3, 2005
SpaPro Asia & BioMed Beauty 2005 Taipei, Taiwan
"Spas R Us" & "Spa Program Development" March 11, 12, 2006
Seoul International Spa & Bath EXPO 2006, S. Korea

Special presentations at various events & locations
Longevity and Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement for Men & Women.
Optimum Wellness
Nutrition & Natural Supplements
Advisory Panel & regular contributor for SpaAsia magazine

Healing What Hurts
Fast Ways to Get Safe Relief from Aches and Pains and Other Everyday Ailments

Healing What Hurts: Fast Ways to Get Safe Relief from Aches and Pains and Other Everyday Ailment (Basic Health Publications, U.S. $19.95/Canada $29.95) is a comprehensive guidebook to healing common ailments using a variety of practices including acupuncture, natural hormones, herbal and homeopathic remedies, essential oils, nutrition, and stress management. There are descriptions of a variety of self-help therapies, such as hydrotherapy, tai chi, visualization, yoga, and progressive muscle relaxation, along with directions on how to do acupressure and reflexology on oneself. There is information on what to look for when purchasing nutrition supplements and on how to assemble a self-care remedy kit of natural items.

This book is available for purchase at The MultiCare Centre.

Seven steps to suppress your stress and be a happier, healthier you.


Prehab Workout for Back
The Female Triad
Exercising with Arthritis

Neck Pain and Headaches

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